Monday, August 30, 2004

GOP Says Bush A Strong War Time Leader

I have read a lot of articles today about the GOP touting Bush as a strong war time leader. I happen to find that funny. I seem to remember President Bush flying his own fighter jet onto an aircraft carrier, claiming that we have won the war in Iraq. Wouldn't that mean that his time as a leader is not needed anymore? Maybe they mean the War on Terror? I really think that if he wasn't in office anymore, the terrorist would not be as pissed at us as they are. Maybe they mean the War on Drugs? Well, we all know that's a cause that they can't stop. Maybe they mean the War on The Middle Class? What is the Middle Class you ask? It's that group of us that used to have jobs before they were outsourced to India( Which, by the way, ran a test on a nuclear warhead yesterday. Weapons of Mass Destruction maybe? We can't bomb them. We just gave them all our jobs. Besides, they don't have a lot of oil.). It's the current group that has been run into poverty and controlled by fear under the current administration. Maybe it's the War on the Gay Community? I am a proud heterosexual. I do know that makes me no different as a person then someone who is homosexual, except sexual preference. Bush, who said his favorite book is the Bible, might want to remember all the priests that raped little boys and got away with it. Maybe it's the War on Your Rights? That Patriot Act sure got pushed through awful quickly and then got re-upped awful quickly too. Maybe it's the War on Women's Rights? The sole fact that Bush is not open to a women's right to choose if she wants to have an abortion might clue you in a little. Maybe it's the War on Finding Cures to Diseases? Bush is very against stem cell research. Research that has been proven to be on the right track to curing such diseases as Cancer, Alzheimers, MS, ALS, and more. Bush is obviously thinking about all those rich doctors who gave so generously to his campaign. Don't forget the pharmaceutical companies either. So what war are we fighting? I think it is the War on Getting this Country Back On Track. Something the Bush administration has no clue how to do.
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