Wednesday, August 18, 2004

What I Am Currently Working On

I, unfortunately, have to be a part-time writer. Finding time is sometimes a problem. I am currently gathering information on a couple of subjects. First, there was a controlled burn of a two story house on Lewiston Rd on Monday night. There were no signs or flashing lights. I am sure 911 got a lot of calls(including my wife) and I want answers on why people weren't properly notified. I am also working on a story about a Miami-Dade County program call The Public Health Trust. The Trust, basically, looks into ways to improve public health care and tends to the peoples rights with the local health system(Ours being The Moses Cone Health System). I personally think that the Moses Cone Health System is a Monopoly and break anti-trust laws, along with the Board of Health and Social Services. Look for these articles coming up later this week or early next week. I would love to post them now, but sometimes you have to wait for "important" people to get back from vacation.
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