Sunday, August 01, 2004

Howard Dean

Just got done watching Howard Dean on Wolf Blitzer live. He finally said what has had to be said for a while. To give you some back story, Bush's boy, Tom Ridge, at National Security, has elevated for the nth time, the terror alert level. Moving this time from yellow to orange. As I read on Yahoo this morning around 6am, terrorist are apparently going to enter through Mexico and attack financial institutions or government buildings in New York City. Funny how Mexico is all the way across the country from New York. Guess that says something for our inpenertrable boarder patrols and the national security between Mexico and New York.
Howard Dean, who I was scared of during his presidential run, told Wolf Blitzer, "President Bush is using politics to fear the people into voting for his re-election. The information is not available to anyone outside the administration. He has admitted to it in his campaign run." Howard Dean formally accused Bush of using the terror threat to boost his ratings with the public. Howard Dean also commented on the vagueness of the intelligence, saying " Look out for people who walk into buildings and for people driving cars. That is all that the people of New York City do." He called for more specific warnings, if the warnings are real at all.
Thank you Howard Dean for finally saying what has needed to be said for months and months on end.
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