Thursday, September 02, 2004

What is Going On?

I have thought that I saw it all. I just got done watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN, interviewing Don King. Yes, Don King. Famed boxing promoter. Political advocate? Don King is at the RNC supporting George Walker Bush. Like Don King has any clue about politics anyway. I wonder how the rest of the African-American community feels about this. So W has got his token black man. I do not think this is representative of the African-American community. You ask how I know this. Example: I was at Great Stops Convenience Supercenter on West Market St. yesterday. This is where I can buy a carton of Cherokee cigarettes for $10.69, including tax. They are selling election ribbons, that are magnetic, to put on your car. They are $4.99 + tax. I was curious to what they were, so I picked one up. I picked up the Bush/Cheney ribbon. The cashier was appalled. She asked if I was buying that ribbon. I made it very clear that if I was buying a ribbon, it would be the Kerry/Edwards ribbon. She looked relieved and said, "I was about to ask you where you have been for the last four years." This seems to be the norm, no matter where I am shopping at. So I say, "SHAME ON YOU DON KING. You have let down your African-American community. You have effectively let down yourself and should be ashamed of what you are doing." Please people, get out there and register to vote. Help get this Tyrant out of office. Right now the real war criminal is your leader. Every vote can change this.
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