Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Religious Right = Taliban?

As everyone is aware of, the religious right in the United States is trying to highjack our government and our judicial system. What everyone fails to see is the big picture. The picture I am about to paint. After 9/11, our government pegged the attacks waged on America, on Afghanistan. More directly, the Taliban government that ran Afghanistan. Some of the arguments that the US government made in attacking the Taliban have stark similarities to what the religious right is trying to impose on our very country. We argued that the Taliban, imposed their religious beliefs, treated women poorly, and instilled their moral values on the people of Afghanistan, against their will. Is that not what the religious right is doing here? This constitution eating disease has seemed to be spreading faster, especially in the majority rule Republican party. Bill Frist has a bad case. Probably caught it from ole W.

The President talks about the war on terror. That war is being waged from within our borders, from within the church. Pro-life groups are killing abortion doctors and bombing clinics. Traditional terrorist are killing and bombing their enemies as well. What is the difference? Women are looked at as a secondary gender within the church. Likewise, the Taliban degraded and held women down under a tight leash. The separation of church and state is one of the structural columns of the US Constitution. Remove the columns and the building falls. The imposing of the church's moral values on our government has striking similarities to the Taliban regime we fought so hard to oust. The Taliban has been compared to other Theocratic regimes, Iran, Iraq(with Saddam), Syria, even Nazi Germany(minus the genocide). Is Bill Frist appearing on Judicial Sunday not Propaganda? I just want you to really ask yourself if the values and views of the religious right fits you to a tee? I know it doesn't fit me. Not even a little bit.
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