Friday, April 08, 2005

Who Needs To Be Reined In

Reuters ran a story today titled "Republicans Step Up Attacks On Judiciary". The first paragraph reads, "Christian conservatives, led by some top Republicans, are stepping up their assault on the U.S. judiciary in response to the Terri Schiavo case, saying judges are attacking religion and must be reined in."

My question is, who really needs to be reined in? Aren't the Christian conservatives overstepping there own beliefs by butting into others personal business? Doesn't the commandment "Don't Covet Thy Neighbor" extend to your neighbors beliefs as well? Is it just a case of what ever is good for you, and not about the good of all.

What ever happened to the separation of Church and State? What makes a person's beliefs sacred is that you don't impose them on everyone. They are yours. If all the pro-lifers and anti-fur people (activists in general) would put as much effort into living their own lives, instead of everyone else's, they might be surprised how much they could accomplish.

My basic belief is, if it doesn't hurt other people as a whole, it is OK. Pro-life suggests Anti-Death, doesn't it?

The Republican party has overstreched it's bounds. Just because a party uses a group of people to get elected, doesn't mean you have to instill their policies. It is how government has worked for centuries. How come none of the Republicans complaining about judges seem to mind the judges that let them get away with all kinds of unethical bullshit? Maybe the next judge to look at Tom DeLey will think a little differently about him, based on what he and other Republicans have said. I am fed up with the force feeding of someone else's moral values and beliefs. What ever happened to a free country? Somewhere I could decide for myself, what is right and wrong.

Aren't we the country that went to Afghanistan and Iraq to overthrow the Taliban and their beliefs and the Baath party with their beliefs? We didn't feel it was right for them to treat women so poorly. That I agree with. We didn't like how they were forcing people to have a certain religious belief. I agree with that as well. The very things we put our countries sons and daughters in harms way for, we are doing to ourselves here. What a bunch of self-centered hypocrites we are. The extreme religious right is a cult and needs to be dealt with. They are the real terrorists. They are hijacking a once great country, which is now tumbling down the same path as the once mighty Roman Empire(which by the way fell). If history does indeed repeat itself, then we are in serious trouble.
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