Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Local Notes On The NBA Draft

The 2005 NBA Draft just ended and there is a lot to cover on a local level. My beloved Tar Heels, 4 of the top 14 picks. Locally, the ACC was well represented in the draft. 7 0f 30 first round picks are from the ACC. In order of selection, Marvin Williams goes 2nd to the Atlanta Hawks; Chris Paul goes 4th to the New Orleans Hornets; Raymond Felton goes 5th to the Charlotte Bobcats; Sean May goes 13th to the Charlotte Bobcats joining Felton; Rashad McCants goes 14th to the Minnesota Timberwolves; Julius Hodge goes 20th to the Denver Nuggets; and Jarrett Jack goes 22nd to the Denver Nuggets. Only one second round pick from the ACC, Daniel Ewing goes 32nd to the LA Clippers.

Carolina fans have a lot to cheer about despite the upcoming season. We can go see the Bobcats and the Hawks play to watch Marvin, May and Felton. Charlotte probably had the most effective draft with Felton and May, not particularly for the talent acquired, but for the increase in ticket sales that is about to happen at the new stadium in Charlotte. Atlanta did good as well with future NBA superstar Marvin Williams and Arizona guard Salin Stoudamire.

Nine high school kids were taken today in the last draft allowing high school students to be drafted. Fourteen foreign players were taken as well. I know with this draft class I will be watching the NBA again. I have been team skipping for a while now. Phoenix for Barkley, then Vince Carter in Toronto, then the Nets for Vince, now I am going to toss it up between Atlanta and Charlotte, I need to see who fits me better. Hell I might route for both teams.
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