Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Might As Well Bend Over And Grab My Ankles...

Today the Supreme Court ruled(pdf) that cities can take private property for public use. This is another stab at the middle class American, which I now consider an endangered species.

In this particular case, New London, CT fought owners of private property for their land to develop the city. The original case went all the way to the Connecticut Supreme Court, ending up in favor of the city. The appeal to the US Supreme Court today also upheld the ruling in favor of the city by a 5-4 margin. This case will open the door for all cities to take your property as long as they want to build the cities infastructure to build their capital gain with taxes.

Todays ruling is another in a string of attacks on middle class America and the civil liberties we once enjoyed. I will lay out a timeline for the past couple of weeks, covering the constitution raping the Bush Administration, Supreme Court and Congress have been partaking in.

Today-US Supreme Rules 5-4 in favor of cities in eminent domain and taking land for public use case.

6/20/05- Bush nominee Bolton is blocked again in Congress for appointment to UN. President Bush threatens "recess appointment", which will bypass any vote in Congress and give Bolton 18 months no matter what. Reuters reports here.

6/10/05- Rep. F James Sensenbrenner takes his gavel an goes home, abruptly ending a Judiciary Committee meeting on the USA Patriot Act. The Stakeholder has this blog report. Remember the name Sensenbrenner, your about to see it come up a couple of more times.

6/6/05- US Supreme Court rules against states rights in medical marijuana case, setting up the Dept of Justice to arrest terminally ill patients who smoke marijuana to alleviate pain. Reuters reports here. I have a dissenting view of the ruling here.

4/20/05- Sensenbrenner gets his HR685 Bankruptcy bill passed becoming public law 109-8.

4/4/05- Sensenbrenner and three other house reps(Pallone, Sabo and Berman) introduce HJ Res 24 to repeal the 22nd Amendment of the US Constitution. The 22nd Amendment is Presidential term limits. He is trying to set up Bush 3, officially making this country Communist Russia.

3/20/05- Sensenbrenner introduces HR1452, relief for the parents of Terry Schiavo act. This became law the following day.

1/26/05- Sensenbrenner introduces HR418, the Real Id Act. It has been attached to the Defense Appropriations Act(a must pass bill) and was passed unanimously without debate, becoming public law 109-13 on May 11th. I have dissenting views here, here, and here.

There's a lot more from Sensenbrenner, but I will close my list with this:

10/26/01- Sensenbrenner's USA Patriot Act is made public law 107-56. Introduced just 24 days earlier he changed the face of civil liberties in this country for the worse. When we allow or rights to be taken in order to fight the enemy we have let the enemy win.

I plan on keeping an eye on F James Sensenbrenner. He seems to be the scribe of all that is wrong with our Congress. The Supreme Court should be interesting as well, with Rehnquist on his way out. His replacement will shape the courts bias. The President, well you know how I feel about him, "I got my eyes on you Focker".
In the mean time, I will bend over and grab my ankles...waiting for all three branches of our government to come by and stick it to me good.
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