Sunday, February 26, 2006

South Dakota Thoughts

The travesty of a vote against women's rights in South Dakota most likely paves the way for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. HB1215 can be read here. Here is the rollcall for the South Dakota House vote. Here is the rollcall for the South Dakota Senate vote.

I think we should all send a message to those who voted for the abortion ban. Each member of the South Dakota legislature has their info here. Click on the member and get their e-mail, phone and home address.

This could be the decision that overturns a women's right to have a choice. A choice to get rid of a rapist child, of an incestuous baby, etc.. I don't personally believe that abortions should be used as a form of birth control. A mother that can not handle a child should not be forced to have one.

Simple guidelines for Abortion can be adopted to prevent it as a form of birth control.

First, over eighteen years of age unless with parental permission.

Then, a database of abortions to track who and how many. A reasonable limit to how many during a lifetime. The only exception being rape, incest or the mothers life is in jeopardy.

Finally, if a women abuses the right, then the state can rule in court to force a hysterectomy. Reason being that if a mother can not handle having a child, as a parent in general or financially, then the state of residence will wind up paying for that child or children anyway. Either way the state pays, but with the hysterectomy it is a lot less. Children should be raised in a happy household that has a chance of overcoming the financial strains of having a child. Welfare babys lead to other welfare babys down the road. It is an unfortunate vicious cycle that can not be broken until we stop the rich from staying rich, while keeping the poor...well poor. If you want abortions to stop on their own, then ban Halliburton, Exxon, Wal-mart, you get the point. Also you folks can make health insurance a little more affordable. The states pay for a lot of pregnancies, solely because a mother(especially a single mother) can not afford health insurance to have their baby.

For those on the right of this issue, especially the Christian right, I understand your stance on the issue. I also understand your stance on the issue of contraception. I just don't agree. You can not have your cake and eat it too. If you are against contraception, you are promoting unsafe sex. 'Cus let's be real for a second, abstinence is not a choice most are going to take. Those who swear to abstinence are still having oral sex and anal sex without contraceptives. Not everyone wants to live the life of a priest, or we would all be priests. By promoting unsafe and unprotected sex, you are directly contributing to the "so-called" abortion crisis. It's not like everyone is getting an abortion, it is a small percentage of the population. Wal-mart is not offering them on a blue dot special, well not yet at least.

For those who vote to ban abortions under any circumstances, I hope you have to have a loved one raped and live through the trauma. Then, you'll have to explain to your wife, mother, sister, etc.. why you won't let them get rid of a child that will forever remind them of the trauma they lived through. Then come talk to me about your view on abortion. Until then don't be draconian asshat, keep your thoughts to yourselves and do your job, represent the people. How come none of the abortion bills ever go to a general vote? See how the people feel. It is, after all, their lives you are effecting.

This is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
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