Sunday, April 16, 2006

If You Want Sick, Twisted and Out of Touch: Vote For Vernon

Vernon wants to start a fight. I've been called out as a lefty blog. Big surprise. I am. If he wanted my attention, he's got it. Game on bitch.

This photo is Vernon Robinson's answer to Planned Parenthood on wanting an endorsement of him. Check it out at his site here.

Also here is his first sick and twisted campaign video for his run at Brad Miller and the 13th here in North Carolina. Thanks to Sean Coon for the video.

My first plan of attack: Vernon uses the music and logo from the Twilight Zone. Twilight Zone's rights are owned by CBS TV. He also uses a clip from Leave it to Beaver, owned by Universal Studio's. I wonder if he paid his licensing fees to both parties. Well, we'll find out. I have contacts at both places and early Monday morning I should have my answer. Can anyone say copyright infringement or better yet, lawsuit.

This man must be stopped. Go back to the video link and read the comments, the one by Mr. Hendrix is especially interesting. Sure he wants votes. Why is he so scared of Vernon though?
Vernon adopted a campaign slogan during one of his prior unsuccessful runs for office.
"Jesse Helm's is back, and this time he's black."
That alone should deter you for voting for Vernon.

If you are a registered independent or a Republican in the 13th, I urge you to vote in the Rebuplican primary and vote against this evil, self-hating, all hating man. Vote for one of the other two candidates in this primary, if you vote Vernon you don't know what you are getting into.

I am officially on a mission.
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