Saturday, April 08, 2006

Addressing Immigration

Why does everything in Washington always have to take the hardest road to get there? I have kept silent on this issue, but I have formed opinions. One I hate to admit, and you'll never hear me say this again, is I kind of agree with some of the Sensenbrenner bill from the house. Reason being, the term "Illegal Immigrant". It's right in the title folks, "Illegal". I am not just talking about Latinos, I am talking about all illegals. Irish, Italian, Canadian, Israeli, etc... You get the point. The undocumented immigrants that are here, are here illegally. That is the bottom line. They broke the law. If we let them off scott free, then we must empty our jails for all crimes committed. Those people after all broke the law as well and deserve the same kind of treatment. I am sure if any one of us went to another country illegally, we would pay the consequences. Either deportation or criminal charges.

Now to address a problem that has grown astronomically in the past decade or so. Let's ask ourselves, how did the United States of America handle an influx of immigrants back in the day? We set up Ellis Island and processed immigrants to make them citizens of our country. Lets ask ourselves, why can't we do something similar again? Can we not set up processing centers in all the major cities to give a reasonable number of immigrants the chance to become full tax paying citizens of this country? By reasonable number I do not mean 12 million. The big question is what is a reasonable number? 6 million? 4 million? Once we obtain this reasonable number we then have to tighten the borders.

Let's say 6 million is the reasonable number. The other 6 million undocumented illegal immigrants should have 30 days to leave the country. After 30 days, if caught here illegally, they would face felony charges, and after jail time, be deported to their country of origin. We also have to tighten border security to prevent further border crossings. Lastly, we must impose penalties on those who aide and abet illegals. Employer's, property owners, organizations, and churches. If you are found aiding and abetting illegals, there would be a $100,000 fine and up to five years in prison. That should deter folks.

The government also has a responsibility to help citizens in this situation. The current Federal minimum wage is $5.15 an hour. That must be raised to the levels that one can live, without government assistance, in most Metropolitan areas. There was a study talked about on CNN last week(still looking for a link), where the CEO's and average workers salaries raised hand in hand for some time. Recently, 1997 on, there is a large discrepancy between the raises in salary for CEO's and their employees, with the CEO's having a decided upper hand. Americans would do these jobs that the Bush Administration says we won't do, if the pay was better. Hell, I'd pick fruit for the right price.

I'm not saying that my plan would work. I'm just saying that what is going on in DC is not going to. So, I offered this idea as an alternative. Let's see if anyone notices in DC. I'm not holding my breath.
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