Thursday, April 19, 2007

Universal Health Care

Gov Easley talked a few months ago about exploring Universal Health Care for the state of NC.
If it was possible to do Universal coverage in the state what would you want the coverage to be like? What would you be willing to give to get it?

I would want some personal responsibility, like a co-pay or deductible. That would avoid abuse of the system. I would want a residency restriction, like 2 years minimum residency in the state before you were eligible. This would avoid an influx of people from other states rushing here only to get health care. I would like to see the mandatory use of generic drugs if they are available, to help cut the cost to the system. I would be willing to give a little more in state tax or a new sort of FICA tax specifically for the program.

I would love to hear your ideas. Talk amongst yourselves as I will be out of town working for the next week. I'll check back in soon.
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