Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dan The Insurance Man

Over at Dan's Message, he tells a story that will make you need to use your health insurance for an upset belly, it also might make you call to see if anger management is covered on your policy, assuming that you can afford any of this stuff in the first place. Head of Blue Cross Blue Shield makes 5.6 million in salary at the non-profit in 2 years for salary! At $4800 a year for an average person to buy health insurance, 1166 people could be covered for a year with what he makes. I don't know, if you pay a director $5.6 million over two years are you really a non-profit?

After reading about Sean's gem of a find, Dan, I met with him yesterday to discuss some insurance problems my family is having and figure out some options. I can assure you Dan is the man, and you all should talk to him about your needs as well. He is actually an insurance industry guy that cares. I know, that doesn't exist. It does, check out the rest of Dan's Message and read for yourselves.
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