Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Week of BS

This last week as a whole, there has been a lot of BS(Bullshit, for those of you who didn't know) going down. The Republican Convention in NYC. That's right, NYC. Not Dallas, TX or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Traditionally, NYC is a Democratic stronghold. Tons of protestors got attested for using their constitutionally amended rights. One judge took a stand and made the city release 470 protestors by 5pm Thursday or pay $1000 per protestor being held illegally. The TV coverage in NYC this past week was piss poor as well. Tons of convention coverage, with minimal protestor coverage was the menu across the board. I tuned into CNN to see 527's being run at almost every break. I think that makes them just as responsible as the people making ads. CNN will argue that it is a business decision and about the money. CNN will say, then who will buy the ad space. I'm sure Halliburton or The Carlyle Group has the money to spend. How about this idea? The candidates run ads about the election and the issues. That would be great. How about we talk about Iraq instead of a 35 year old war?

There was the tragedy in Russia. Those SOB's should pay. Bush's response, "...this is why we need to fight the war on terror." I thought for sure we would bomb someone over this or call our allies... Oh yeah, what allies?

Speaking of bombs, India tested a nuclear missile this past week. Why don't we go after their Weapons of Mass Destruction? Oh yeah... The Bush Administration allowed a bunch of jobs to be outsourced to Bangladesh, India. We can't give them our jobs and then drop bombs on them. They are stimulating their...Sorry...I meant stimulating our economy. Plus, who would help you when your Dell malfunctions or Windows crashes?

A reported 144,000 new jobs in August. Bush took full credit. Still have 2,356,000 left to go in the next two months. Remember the promise of 2.5 million new jobs to be created. Oh, and how much are those jobs valued at compared to the ones that were lost?

Just when you think that could be it, it's not. A mere two days after the convention comes to a close. On one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, we get more bad news. Medicare will have it's premiums go up a whopping 17% next year. By the way, Medicare is just a discount card with limits to how much it will cover. After the limit is reached, the elderly have to cut their pills in half or go without them all together. I guess that's what Bush meant when he was talking about better Healthcare for the elderly. Better for who? The Pharmaceutical Companies? The Government? Sure doesn't seem good for the elderly.(Think about your moms and dads.)

Let's hope this next week comes with a pair of waders or better yet a lack of bullshit.
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