Thursday, March 17, 2005

Murder. Why Must We Kill?

There have been a lot of high profile murders and murder cases in the last few months. Today, two of the biggest murder trials came to a close. Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife and unborn child. At the same time as this decision was coming down actor Robert Blake was acquitted on the charge of murdering his wife. Scott Peterson had less evidence against him and Robert Blake had more evidence against him. The outcomes were shocking to me. I expected Peterson to get life and Blake to be found guilty.

This past week, a judge in Atlanta and three others were killed by a man who was up on his second trial for rape in two weeks. The first trial was ruled a mistrial. In Wisconsin, a man opened fire on his church. He killed seven. The only motive so far is that he was upset with the sermon at his church. Some kids in California were caught planning a Columbine type assault on their school. A cat kills it's owner. (The gun was knocked off the counter by the cat and went off) So much killing and everyone is asking why?

I am sure you all know, but we are mammals. I think the old adage, "Back an animal into a corner and he will fight his way out", is in play here. I say look at your surroundings. Gas is a penny from an all time record high price, war and killing on your evening news(over and over), inflation is happening faster then job growth and pay raises, and the outlook on the future of our country is helping the rich man get richer. The latest Bush administration bitchslap of the poor man is the Bankruptcy Bill. Clearly, this bill helps the credit companies stay rich and the people they make poor stay poorer. These events, weighing down the middle-class and lower-class Americans, is the cause of such mayhem. People take it as long as they can, and then they snap. Church going folk, supposedly so passive and righteous, are killing each other.

The public says it is violent television and video games. I'll tell you all, I watch violent movies and play violent video games. Ask anyone who knows me, I am the least violent person they know. The problem is all of what I mentioned before. Top that with rising health care cost, outsourcing jobs, and removing our freedoms one by one, and you get a nation that would rather kill then be killed. I am pretty sure that everyone has thoughts related to murder at some point. The people actually going out and killing have just been pushed a little further.

I am not inside these peoples heads. I don't know what they are thinking. I do know that they were pushed by something and responded like they did. I would say the real murder is our current administration. They have sent 1500 US kids to death and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Never any accountability for the Bush Administration. But what do you really expect.
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