Sunday, March 06, 2005

Blog While You Can

The GOP is trying to pass a law stating that Freedom of the Press rights do not apply to website publishers(bloggers) that are not connected to the mainstream media. Apple says we are not protected here, at Kos Armando has this story, and a FEC report on internet use for campaigns.
Captain's Quarters has this piece and Mike Juliano at Paradigm Shift has this definitive story.

National ID Cards, potential loss of our 1st Amendment rights. What is next? Think about this, the National Guard was originally created to protect the citizens from the government. Unfortunately the NG is overseas in the Mid East protecting our President's freedoms and morals. Gun control is keeping the guns out of the citizens hands. When this is all said and done, I fully expect a third term for Bush. Huh? The GOP is threatening changing the filibuster laws on the Democrats to get the Bush judges, that were already denied, through without any opposition. What is to say the GOP doesn't just scrap the Constitution all together? They are after all trying to tear it apart piece by piece. Aren't they? Where does it stop?
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