Saturday, April 30, 2005


I have to disclose to everyone that I am helping Rep Pricey Harrison at her blog. She has enabled me to post on her blog. Everything I post is Pricey's words. I do not edit or change anything in any way. I am not being paid or reimbursed in any way. Just helping out someone I believe is doing a fair and honest job in politics. As any House Rep. encounters, there is a lack of time to post. I am simply, posting what Pricey needs posted, and generally sends in an e-mail to her constituents anyway. She will post as time allows and she will follow the comment stream and jump in to the conversation as time allows. The most important thing I see here is that an elected official, in a higher then local office, wants to blog. That I think is HUGE!
Good Luck Pricey and welcome to the blogisphere.
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