Sunday, February 26, 2006

Port Insecurity

The Dubai World port deal, brokered by the very people who tell us we can not trust the terrorist, stinks something awful. Your government, which I now believe smokes all the confiscated crack, wants to allow a country that harbors terrorist, guard our ports. I am pretty sure CNN has honed that breaking news logo and headline about a dirty bomb or nuke being smuggled in to our ports and detonated, in preparation. I think Bill Maher put it best this past weekend when he said, "Let's see how the President would feel about replacing his Secret Service Agents with people from the United Arab Emirates." If it's ok for our security, then it must be ok for his. Right?

The solution to this problem is simple. If the deal goes through, the unionized port workers should go on strike, until the crackheads in Washington realize that our national security can not be outsourced like our jobs can. Why make more holes in our port security? Why let their be a greater chance of an incident? We should be strengthening our ports, not weakening them.

By the way, the Republicans are brokering a compromise of your security as we speak. They are trying to get a 45 day national security review, to allow the deal to be brokered and move forward. Just remember come election day this year that the Republican you are voting for are selling your security to terrorist. These are the, "We're better at fighting terrorism, then the Democrats" , people. Former Senate Majority leader Bob Dole who is the husband of NC Senator Elizabeth Dole was hired by Dubai Ports to help lobby the deal. Follow the money and find the crook who is selling you out. It's like a sick game of Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

Anyway you cut this deal, the White House admits to not knowing about the deal until after the deal was brokered. What else don't they know? Who the hell is running this country? We have to stop being so lazy and complacent. Answers are needed from our government, and we are not going to get them from the mainstream media, we have to raise questions. We need to be pro-active before they allow us to all be radioactive. People say I am a glowing person when they meet me, I just don't want them to have to be literal.
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