Monday, March 13, 2006

Animal Control Should Be On Call, Shouldn't They

I came home tonight to a large, looked like a Rot, in my front yard. I wasn't going to get close to see if it was friendly, so I attempted to call Animal Control. Animal Control is apparently closed at the end of regular business hours and I could leave a message. I opted to call the Greensboro Police non-emergency number. I was asked if an attack was currently happening, which it was not, and then told that the police would not respond unless there was an attack underway, or similar circumstances. I asked about Animal Control, and they told me what I already knew, and that I could call the number tomorrow.

My problem, I have a wife and young child to protect. Does anyone else think that Animal Control should at least be on call for what could be a very serious problem for any unsuspecting Greensboro citizen? I told the officer the policy was "retarded", because no one is available at night to help protect our citizens from an attack if they feel threatened, not even the police. Please weigh in, I think this is a problem that can be resolved rather easily.
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