Wednesday, April 26, 2006

WXII Starts The Swiftboating

Bill O'Neil at WXII does this(click on Ad Truth Check) piece on Vernon Robinson's new radio ad. I did some research into the actual facts of the voting allegations and have talked with the Miller campaign to ask some questions. What I am about to reveal shows how easy it is to twist and distort a Congressman's voting record.

In this radio ad Vernon Robinson alleges that Congressman Miller voted against a fence on the boarder. What actually happened was Congressman Miller voted for a fence along the border in H.AMDT.648, the Hunter of California Amendment to James Sensenbrenner's Immigration Bill, HR4437. Congressman Miller did wind up voting against the very fence he wanted because the Immigration bill in house was overall a bad bill. Not a flip-flop, just sticking to his principals.

The ad then goes on to say that Brad Miller voted for gay marriage. I spoke with Congressman Miller the other night at the Green Bean in Greensboro about his views. What I got out of this conversation was that Rep. Miller does not feel it is the federal governments role who gets married and who doesn't. I guess that means that it would be up to the states to decide this issue. I happen to agree, if that's what it means. The vote in question in the ad is on HJ.RES.106. Voting record here. Voting against a bill because you think it is not the feds role and supporting what the bill is against, are two separate things.

As far as burning the flag goes, Rep. Miller did vote against eroding your 1st amendment rights away, one piece at a time. I happen to think the same way. This is America, and my Constitutional rights are supposed to be protected. One of those rights is freedom of expression, and if I want to burn a US flag to express myself, then I should have that right. Kudos Congressman Miller, someone is looking out for my civil liberties. By the way, the part about the Mexican flag waiving: you can blame a Republican led Congress, the LA Archdiocese and supporters of breaking the law for allowing the Mexican flag waiving, but don't tag an individual Congressman, especially one who has never called for Illegals to rally and waive a foreign flag.

It is so easy to distort the facts when your game is hate and fear. This seems to be a lot of the GOP motto, "hate and fear". So when you hear a campaign ad, whether it is a Republican or a Democrat, know that facts are twisted in a lot of cases, kind of like quoting someone out of context.

What is not in Vernon's campaign ad is, what I believe is, his master plan. Liberty Dollars. Ed has the scoop here. Vernon wants to replace the current currency system with one where he would stand to make around 40% off the people.

Also not in the ad is how Vernon supports the Federal government deciding who lives and dies(Teri Schiavo,etc..). I don't care what anyone says, some DC suit is not holding that decision anymore then they already do with our economy, social services and domestic policy. There is already to much control handed over to a Republican led White House and Congress. For a party that once preached against big government, they sure got large.

Bill O'Neil should do some research before he opens his mouth. I did and I don't have interns and it didn't take me all that long. Mr. O'Neil should retract his opinionated statement or state it as such, an opinion. That is fact. Yes, the Miller campaign made a statement which did not deny any of the false claims in Robinson's ad. I take that as someone who doesn't want to sling mud and run hate ads. I take that as someone who isn't afraid of his opponent and feels no need to expend time defending himself against a chronic steam blower who can't even keep a job on a city council in a red county.

Shame on WXII again.

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