Sunday, July 16, 2006

Top Referring Blog To Get Prize From RI Senate Campaign

I recieved this interesting e-mail from Carl Sheeler for Senate in Rhode Island. I haven't gone an looked at the campaign site just yet, but as it says below the top personal blog page referring to Sheller's site will get a $500 contribution to support their personalpage or blog. Interesting strategy, at the very least. This tells me that politicos are really geting the importance of our online community and realize that this medium can be effective in spreading their message and creating a buzz. Buzz=votes in a lot of cases. Of course bad buzz(Lieberman-CT) could lose you votes a well. My advise to politicians is to be open and honest. Remember that you can backtrack on what you say and mean on CNN, but if you print it, it's the gospel. Here's the e-mail:

Join “BLOGGERS for Carl Sheeler US Senate Campaign ”

Simple add a link to Carl Sheeler (D-RI) US Senate web site. As an added bonus the top personal blog page referring the most active hits to Carl’s site by November 1st will receive a five hundred dollar contribution to support your personal page or blog. Email myself if you would like to help and for further details.

I am the Deputy Campaign Manager with the Sheeler for US Senate (D-RI) campaign; Carl is a marine veteran of the gulf war who has a strong connection with every day Americans – a blend of Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold. His strong stances on alternative energy; cutting middle class taxes while reforming millionaire and big corporate taxes; funding the NO child left behind (NCLB) federal mandates to alleviate the tax burden on property owners and demanding single payer, national healthcare for all Americans and calling for social and economic equality are what makes his campaign connect with most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

Carl is a fiscally, reasonable, progressive Democrat, the real deal, a working Senator, the peoples’ voice -- a voice for all Americans. Many call Carl’s “of, for and by the people”, a 70’s style democrat referring to his likeability and “building bridges, not walls” views. His Be Patriotic Impeach Bush with a backdrop of our Constitution and Fund OUR Future Not BU$H’s War billboards along I-95 in Rhode Island speak for themselves. Go to Carl’s fantastic site at to look at the billboards this say’s it all. images/billboard1.jpg

News and press releases

These groups are just a fraction of groups who are supporting, endorsing or will be adding a score card to their sites, Gold Star Families for Peace; Code Pink; Impeach Pac; Grassroots Democrats; Lynn Woolsey for Peace; CODEPINK Cape Code; Progressive Democrats; CLG Citizens for Legitimate Government; Impeach Bush Coalition;; VetPAC...

Thank you in advance for joining “BLOGGERS for Carl Sheeler US Senate Campaign” remember the top personal blog page will receive a $500 contribution, second personal blog page will receive $200 and the next six top personal blog pages will each receive a $50 contribution to support your personal blog.

Thank you in advance for considering a contribution to Carl Sheeler for US Senate. or

Friends of Sheeler, c/o Carl Sheeler, 592 Hopkins Hill Rd, West Greenwich, RI 02817

Please email myself to set up your personal link and to receive further details.

William Shaw


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