Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why American's Don't Get Soccer

Of course this is all my opinion, but I feel it makes complete and total sense.

America doesn't get the sport of soccer. No one has ever really figured out why, but as an avid sports fan I think I found a pulse. We area fast food nation. We like our entertainment fast, high scoring and in short spurts. These values, how ever, do not apply to NASCAR. I personally, am not a fan of the go fast, turn left league of drivers. I can catch the crashes on Sportscenter. Soccer can be fast and high scoring from time to time, it is more a game of patience and strategy, and American's have no patience.

The one thing that soccer does not have, that all Americanized sports do, is commercial breaks. We are so pre-disposed to seeing our McDonald's and Budwieser commercials that without them, we just don't feel like we are watching TV. TV in America is also based on commercials, ad sales fuel programming. No American based TV station has taken the risk on International FIFA soccer, reason being no breaks in play for commercials.

In all the other countries, nationalized television carries soccer, as there is no cost to a commercial network. My advise for televised soccer here is air it on public broadcast or put channels from overseas on cable so people can watch Manchester United, Arsenel, and any of the Italian Sierie A league. Until America gets soccer, we can never be an International force in the game.

Some will say we have the MLS. Yes, we do. What superstars do we have playing in the MLS?

So my analysis is not fast food enough for our burger an a large fries nation. No chance for big business to advertise their wares. In a capitalist nation such as ours, if big business can't find a way to make a buck, then that entertainment can not survive.
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