Sunday, June 04, 2006

Eight New Species Found In Israel

About a week ago, I read a story posted by the AP about scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovering 8 new species in a limestone quarry. At the bottom of that story was a message that said, "pictures by request only", so I requested. Here they are:

Left to right: Israel Naaman, Prof. Amos Frumkin and Dr. Hanan Dimentman examine one of the crustaceans found in the cave near Ramle. (Sasson Tiram Photos)

Example of one of the unique crustacean species found in the cave near Ramle. (Sasson Tiram Photos)

There are more breathtaking photos, from inside the cave, here.

Press release from the University is here.

Thanks to Esther Tal at the University for e-mailing me these great photos. Congrats to all at the University for proving that we haven't found everything yet.
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