Friday, June 02, 2006

Rep Miller: Don't Mess With The Blogosphere

Rep Brad Miller posted a new diary at Daily Kos today. His message: Don't mess with the blogosphere. My favorite part of the post is:

"Vernon Robinson has guaranteed that this campaign will be part of the 2006 story. There are two stories about the blogosphere that may result: 1. It makes no sense for politicians from competitive districts to engage in the blogosphere--it's all risk and no reward; or 2. Don't mess with the blogosphere."

Miller will be at Yearly Kos in Vegas. He continues to be part of our community, both in posting and commenting. He supports what we do, it's only fair to support what he does. If you can not give money then you can help in other ways.

Let's all band together and help Rep Miller defeat his Nov. opponent, Vernon "King of the attack ad" Robinson, and put an end to more fear and hate.

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