Monday, October 02, 2006

And The Oscar For Best Drama In A Campaign E-mail Goes To...

You guessed it, Vernon Robinson. Now let me explain why. First, on the left is the e-mail he sent out to all on his campaign e-mail list.

A truck he was borrowing to move 7000 yard signs went up in flames. This I would not wish upon anyone, but I am going to point out the exaggerations. I, at one point thought this might be a campaign stunt of the likes of Vernon's political icon Jesse Helms. Helm's once staged a campaign tragedy to raise more money. Helm's also later admitted to it. Now to the fact checking of the e-mail.

On page one, paragraph one Vernon says their campaign "was yet again the victim of apparent sabotage" Also, the number "seven thousand" yard signs.

In paragraph seven, " was consumed in a full-fledged conflagration." Then in paragraph nine, "It is to early to know how much if any of the cargo may be salvageable." If it was a conflagration, which means uncontrollable or engulfing fire, then there wouldn't be anything to salvage.

Vernon goes on to talk about all the bad things that happen to him and his family, none of which I endorse or condone. Then a bombshell accusation, page two, paragraph 2. Well I monitor your e-mail Vern, but I do it to see what bullshit you're putting out this week and next, not to plot illegal activities against your campaign. I don't think anyone else is either. I'll explain in a second.

Page 2, paragraph 3, Vernon goes into an Oscar worthy rant on how he is "...reminded of the heroic men and women aboard the September 11th airlines flight that crashed in the Pennsylvania field."

Page 2, paragraph 6, Vernon asks about new yard signs, "Where will the money come from?"

AAAH...a fundraising e-mail for the followers.

Drop down 2 paragraphs and he says, "It was an older vehicle, but still very serviceable..." No chance that this fuel leak might have occurred because of age and wear on the fuel line of this "older vehicle"? Give me another second.

Page 2, paragraph 12, Vernon says, "There will be no hard sell here. You bought those signs for me the first time, so I'm almost ashamed to ask you to buy them twice"

Now the real story.

Vernon did have a truck fire on Sept the 8th. It happened in Winston-Salem, not in the 13th district, were Vernon is running, for those who care .

Below is the Winston-Salem fire department report on that fire. It is listed as unintentional, so no one cut the fuel line. It is listed as a leak or break. It was not "sabotage" as Vernon put it. It was, apparently, a leak from the fuel line area of this "older vehicle" that caught fire, unintentionally as stated in the report. So stop with the Miller supporters did this, give me more money bullshit Vernon. It's not to becoming.

The vehicle value is $4000, which I can buy. The contents, the 7000 yard signs, are listed at $3000. Now being that yard signs at the very cheapest are about $1.75 and go up to about $7 for the really nice ones, $3000 doesn't add up. What it does add up to is 1714.2857 yard signs for the cheap ones and 428.57143 yard signs for the top of the line. Neither equals 7000 yard signs.

Just remember that this message is brought to you by the guy who keeps on pointing out how Vernon twists the truth and flat out lies when it furthers his agenda. This e-mail and fire report is just a small example of how Vernon twists the truth and lies all in the name of money for his campaign. Above you said you were almost ashamed, well you should be very ashamed Vernon. Actions speak louder then words, and the only thing you have is words and untrue ones at that.

Just a friendly piece of advice Vernon, if you tone it down and start following the rules and stop breaking campaign finance laws, people might just take you seriously, at least a little.
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