Saturday, September 02, 2006

Darth Vernon and a Young Padiwan

I am as bummed as the rest of you about the FEC dismissal of Vernon Robinson's campaign no-good-niks. I do however have hope.

In my first episode, I was a confident young padiwan taking on an evil force in Darth Vernon. I cast my lightsaber upon the FEC regulations and hope was there for the Republic Commandos.

In my latest episode the forces of evil and corruption have made an advance and a young jedi is struggling with understanding why. Why FEC regulations seem to be no more then worthless ink on once tall trees, and nothing more. Why the Republican corruption machine gets a pass, unless it is something the FEC can not crush with their discretion.

Now, the young jedi has laid the ground work for episode three (in the original trilogy) and we all hope that history repeats itself. The only difference is that Darth Vernon is not the young padiwans father, and this is not a sc-fi piece, this is real life and if Vernon was to somehow win the election, which I see as highly unlikely, we would all have to deal with his dark side, vile spew for a couple of years. We can not just eject the DVD and put in something else, unaffected.

At the right, you can give generously any amount, up to $2100, to Brad Miller for Congress. Please give all you can, he needs to defeat Vernon Robinson, or we are all in for a wild and very bad ride.

I also have buttons for John Tester (MT) who needs to win over another dirty Republican in the Montana race for Senate against uber-bigot Conrad Burns. Burns received and accepted $150,000 from Abramoff, more then anyone else in Congress.

Ned Lamont (CT), we all know this one. Lieberman is a republican in disguise. He is being endorse by Republican's over their own candidate in CT. That should speak volumes to how embedded Joe is with the Bush folks.

The Star Wars references were a joke, the race for the 13th House District in NC is not. Pledge your support to the candidate who does know the people of his district, Brad Miller. In turn let's send Vernon to his political grave, where he belongs.
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