Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've Been Elected...Again

Tonight, I ran for 3rd Vice Chair of the Guilford County Democratic Party. I had one very good opponent.

Amid all the bad news about my friend this weekend, I called party members who were eligible to vote and introduced myself and answered questions, all weekend. It turns out my strategy was effective and needed.

There was a careful recount, it was close. How close? One vote separated myself and my opponent. Talk about breaking a sweat.

I had won by a single vote. I now serve as the President of the Young Democrats of Guilford County and 3rd Vice Chair of the Party.

My opponent was Malcolm Kenton, President of the College Dems at Guilford College. He is a great guy, intelligent, well rounded and a die hard Democrat. I will be working closely with Malcolm in the near future. He is part of our parties future for sure. Good race Malcolm. If I would have lost by one vote, it would have been to a worthy opponent.
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