Monday, October 16, 2006

Official Resignation Statement

The RMA report found it's way to today, posted by anonymous. Following a conference call with the board I have officially resigned from my Editorial Board position at effective immediately. Let me explain. I have read the report, and as left leaning as I am, felt that it should not go up. At least not yet. Rumor has it a local publisher will have it in print on Thursday.

I really struggled with my position on this issue. Having read it, it is at the best the most damning thing I have ever laid eyes on. I am also a big advocate for free speech and the such. I feel that the information contained, even in the redacted version on 101, was going to hurt someone involved or maybe someone's. It is a moral and ethical issue versus the publics right to know. It is hard for me to stand behind a document that has names of individuals that might have snitched or been snitched on. There are also legal issues to consider.

I have a future in politics, I will run for office at some point, and with that said, needed to distance myself from this controversial document. I have enjoyed myself serving this board and hope that I helped build this online community in some way. I wish 101 the best of luck with this and future fights for citizen journalism.

With blogging comes responsibility, and I feel allowing this post with the RMA to stand is irresponsible. With that said, please folks continue the fight for bloggers everywhere if that is were you choose to stand. I can not help in this particular fight. Best of luck.
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