Saturday, November 04, 2006

Who Is Going To Clean Up Jim Rumley's Mess?

All over Greensboro's District 59 and around the Early voting locations you will find Jim Rumley's bumper stickers on the back of signs that are public property. Property owned by the City of Greensboro. They are also all over the YES Weekly paper boxes all over town, and from what I understand they are pissed too.

Here's a good example:

Just drive around the city and pay attention to the signs, you'll see them all over.

My question to Jim Rumley, resident of Brown Summit, is who is going to pay to have this cleaned up? The answer is the taxpayers. Beside the fact that it is illegal to put these bumper stickers on signs, the City of Greensboro will have to pay to have them removed with taxpayers money. My suggestion to city council is to send the bill to Rumley. It's his mess, let him pay for it. And make sure you charge him exactly what it cost to clean this up.

Maybe this is Rumley's big idea for creating jobs? My point, it is no better then someone throwing trash out their car window.

Seems like the Conservative Republican's conserve on obeying the law when they campaign. Rumley is costing you money. Before he gets a chance to write laws in the general legislature, let's make sure he can follow laws. Same for Vernon Robinson (FEC laws broken) and BJ Barnes (putting out illegal signs).

One way to let Jim know your displeasure is to contact him at the info that is on his website:
or by phone at 336-558-4689

Another way to let Jim know your displeasure is to vote for Rep. Maggie Jeffus, who has done a wonderful job representing my district and brings experience and honesty to the NC House.
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