Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is BJ Pulling A Vernon? Document Edition

Doug Clark, at the N&R, got to it before I did here. I have had this document for a few days now and just haven't had the time to post it yet.

Here's the actual document:

The thing that Clark points out, but doesn't point out the possible legal violations, is that BJ Barnes lifted this photo from Berkley Blanks website. That is a personal photo, published on the web by Berkley Blanks and he has copyright protections from this sort of thing if he wants to use them. It is a Federal crime to commit copyright infringment. We'll see how this unfolds.

The picture of Blanks with James Brady was taken in DC, when Blanks was invited to a White House event as President of the NC Law Enforcement Officers Association, representing our police officers in this state. James Brady was the Keynote speaker.

For BJ to do what he has done here, stoops to the level of Vernon Robinson, a man that BJ has told me he does not associate with because of his actions. He is now doing the very thing he despises and I must ask BJ, why? Why did you stoop to that level?
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