Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some New Faces For City Council

We know Yvonne Johnson(pdf) is running for mayor. No opponent has surfaced yet. I hope none does, but either way Yvonne will be a great mayor for Greensboro.

Florence Gatten(pdf) isn't running for anything. I'm glad about that. I've never been a big Gatten fan.

Diane Bellamy Small's(pdf) seat will be hotly contested by Luther Falls and impressive newcomer Tonya Clinkscale.

At large seat's will be available. I haven't seen one name in the local press as running, and I know he is, Joel Landau. Joel is a great candidate. He is currently involved in the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. He is an environmentalist, but more then that he is a successful businessman. He has done wonders for Deep Roots Market and he also ran his own shop for a while as well. He sits on the planning board, he is for strengthening neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, keeping our cities air clean, and he wants a more transparent city government for Greensboro, accountable to it's citizens.

Others will throw their names in as well. I keep hearing David Hoggard, but he has not confirmed that yet. He too would be great for Greensboro.

More names will surface as the filing period closes in. This should get real interesting.

One more note...a thanks to Keith Holliday(pdf) for being a great Mayor for Greensboro. You will leave a notable legacy to this city. A positive one. The changes that have occurred during your time as Mayor have turned this large town I moved to in the early '90's into a city. A city moving in the right direction.
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