Thursday, September 16, 2004

My SUV Nightmare

For those of you who have been reading my work since I started this website, you know I hate SUV's. The USA Today ran an article on Monday the 13th, that has had me stewing hotter then volcanic magma. The article is titled, "Monster Truck Goes To Market". The "monster truck" that they are talking about is the International CXT. The article touts the fact of the CXT dwarfs the Hummer H2. It is 2 feet taller, 4.5 feet longer, twice as heavy(by my calculation 19,200 lbs.), and totes up to five times as much as the H2. It's like the H2 and Yukon Denali aren't big enough, don't pose dangerous safety hazards, or eat up more gas and pollute the air enough. The gall of Nick Matich, vice president of International truck and Engine, to comment with such arrogance. Comments like, "You can put the Hummer in the back and take it with you", or "I'll have a camouflage version next year. Hunting and fishing lodges should snap that up". Just in case your wondering, the CXT gets 6 to 10 miles per gallon from a commercial duty diesel engine. Hope the people buying these vehicles have fun supporting Arab countries who harbor terrorist camps. It's because of this "bigger" mentality that over 1000 young US soldiers have died over seas since 9/11 and the fall of Saddam in Iraq. Read the article for yourself and look at a picture of the CXT. It is what is going to terrorize your neighborhood streets in the coming year.
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