Saturday, October 16, 2004

The Governator At It Again

Governor Arnold is at it again. He is up in arms about an election day decision on Indian Casino Expansion. The Governor met with five tribes earlier this year and agreed in principal to a deal that would draw the Native American's state tax debt payed. The other Native American tribes have got a vote coming up that would allow the tribes to pay the tax at a corporate tax rate of 8.84% and expand the number of slots, as well as, add craps and roulette. The Governor's statement toady was, "The Indian's are ripping us off." That boarders on racism and is wrong. In a true democracy the people are supposed to decide. The Governor is pissed that the vote is undermining his own agenda. If he wants what is best for the people of his state, he should shut up and let the people decide. Read more at Reuters.

I e-mailed the governor the following:

Dear Gov.,
Your latest comments on Native American casino expansion are despicable and boarder on racist. I'm sorry that an oppressed people are trying to get by and that that interferes with your own agenda. I wish you would remember the plight of the Native American people. Just in case you don't know, the Anglo settlers of the USA were the original terrorist. The Anglo's raped, killed in mass, hunted, pillaged and oppressed the Native American people. The only thing missing is the bombs, they weren't yet invented. The Anglo Americans then proceeded to, just short of enslavement, push these people into dark little corners of the country, with no aid or support from the new terrorist ruling party. This is basically still the case. Yes, the new museum in Washington, D.C. is a nice gesture, but falls far short of what we as a county need to do for the Native American people. They played by our rules. Chief Sitting Bull came before Congress to fight for the Native American liberation and was severely ridiculed by Congress. I hope the Native American's rise again. They are very spiritual people, and Governor, karma is a bitch. I know you are doing what you feel is right as governor, but you should let the people decide. That is democracy. Stop being Bush's little token foreigner and be yourself. What is happening in Iraq right now is what the Native American's needed to do to our forefathers. So please, let the people decide and grow yourself a set while your at it.

I will post his response when I get it.
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