Monday, October 11, 2004

My New Anti Group

Anti-smoking groups have been putting up a stink for a while. In my life, anti-smoking started in High School. Even at age 16, I put up a fight for smoking rights. My fight against the Bergen County New Jersey School Board was covered in the local newspapers. This was the first time I saw the power of the media. Anti-smoking groups are now calling it a major setback that the tobacco quota buyout bill did not include federal regulation of tobacco products. Giving the FDA the right to control tobacco is a large step towards prohibition of tobacco products. For people who smoke, this a huge infringement of our civil rights. I am a smoker. We gave up smoking in airplanes and movie theaters. That wasn't enough. We gave up smoking in federal buildings. That wasn't enough. Some cities are making it illegal to smoke in restaurants, bars, and night clubs. This is killing businesses. I have been in situations in NYC and San Fran in which I could not go outside to smoke after paying to see a band, because they would not remit you into the club venue once you stepped outside. On top of that, we continue to pay more and more for our products and tobacco is one of the only products that is double and triple taxed. Cigarettes are stamped as tax payed on the bottom of the pack. We also pay a luxury tax that is now included in the cost of a pack and state sales tax. I think smokers have given enough willingly to non-smokers. This infringement on our civil rights has to stop. It is not illegal, it is our right.

In California last week, the high court ruled it was not unethical or illegal for the state to use funds from the anti-tobacco lawsuits to fund anti-smoking ads in the state. Essentially, the state of California is having the tobacco companies pay for ads that might destroy their industry. Funny how when I see and ad from on television, it is immediately followed by an alcohol ad. Alcohol is far more dangerous in daily life then tobacco. It is obviously about the lobby money and governmental ass kissing and not what the people of this country want once again.

Anti-smoking groups taut that second hand smoke is dangerous and needs to be stopped by putting the tobacco industry out of business. I say, if you are so concerned with the quality of your air then lets see who is really accountable. The Hummer H2 puts out the equivalent of 10 cartons of cigarette smoke on an average day of driving. No need to even have this vehicle inspected for emissions. Who would care about that? How about public transportation? Charter buses, school buses, and airplanes put out tons of dangerous emissions and are not regulated. How about government vehicles? Dump trucks, garbage trucks, and gravel trucks pump black smoke into the air in mass and no ones bitching about them. God forbid my fuel efficient sedan has a minor emissions problem and I have to spend to correct it or face fines for not. Where are the fines for all the other polluters. Oh yeah, the government wouldn't fine itself. More so, if we made SUV's and airplanes follow the rules we would put the auto and air industries out of business. Just like they want to put tobacco out of business.

I am asking my fellow smokers to ban together to form our own anti-group. I am sure that anti-smokers would hate a lobby against their right to drink water. Lets form an Anti-water group. I love being parched. Maybe we can form an Anti-antidepressants group. That's right no more pills that make you want to kill yourself and emotionally flatline you so you just don't have to deal. How about an Anti-oxygen group? You can no longer breathe period, much less go to bars and get your daily dose of oxygen. No, I got it, we are going to form an Anti-Anti groups group. This way you will no longer have the right to bitch at all. Wait a second. Crap. The government beat me to it. We already have the Patriot Act. I say form this group anyway. See you all in Guantanamo Bay.
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