Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A 31 And A Half Year Streak Ends

For 31 and a half years I have had a streak going with regards to my health. I have never been cut on, no broken bones(one hair-line fracture), no surgeries. Two of those happened today. I was cut on this morning in surgery on my back and neck. The surgery was for removing two cysts that could become a problem down the road. I was just given a local, which was the more painful of the process, and then Dr. B cut away. He did a great job. The cyst on my back was on a large symmetrical tattoo. Dr. B took that into consideration and cut vertically instead of horizontally and sewed back together the symmetry of my back piece. Not a lot of doctors would be that kind and flexible. I am feeling fine right now, but I am sure I will be a bit sore later in the day when the Lidocane wears off. For now I will rest, watch the news wires, and hopefully blog some more later today.
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