Friday, January 14, 2005

A Rare Rail Site in Downtown Greensboro

I was finished running errands and paying bills this afternoon and had a fever for the flavor of a Green Bean Mocha and the latest issue of YES Weekly(Greensboro's newest newspaper). So, I turned down Elm St from E Lee and there it was. A single rail car. Looked a little weird so when I got home I checked into it. It turned out to be the Federal Railroad Administration's lone T2000 Track Geometry Inspection Vehicle. You can check out a picture here. This inspection vehicle covered over 24,000 miles of railway in 2004. It's purpose is to check every foot of railway for defects that could cause derailments. I am not sure how often this railcar makes it to Greensboro, but it made an appearance around 4pm in Downtown Greensboro. I am going to try to research what the Greensboro rail data is and do an update if the info is available to the public.
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