Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Western Union

I received a Western Union money order from my mother-in-law yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise. I definitely was not expecting it.

Here's the scoop. I went to go cash the money order today and had a ton of problems. I do not have a bank account. I do not believe in giving an institution my money so they can make money on it. I also never have enough money at one time to have an account or start an account. I went to the one place that made the most sense to me... Western Union. Guess what? They do not cash their own money orders. The only way to cash a Western Union money order is to deposit it in a bank account or go to a check cashing service (that may or may not cash it) that will take a fee out to cash it.

I went to a not very helpful Western Union website, and tried to find out what I could do to cash this money order. The only thing that they have listed for cashing a money order is take it to a bank or go to a check cashing service.

I want to know why Western Union will gladly take your money, but they make it the largest pain in my ass to get your money? Sounds to me like I need to get into this racket. I'll gladly take your money, but I can not give it back unless you do six laps around town and guess what number I am thinking of. That's what I did and I guessed the wrong number.
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