Tuesday, March 01, 2005

National ID Card, Passport to Police State?

This past week, the House of Representatives passed bill HR 418, the bill that introduces the Real ID Act (National ID card). I see this move as a passport to a police state. A few tidbits on the National ID card:
1)States have the option to opt out, but that means they would not receive grants from the government for their DMV and licensing divisions.
2)If you do not get a National ID card, you can not enter any federally owned building, board an airplane,etc... you get the point.
3)This is the scary part, there has been discussion about a homing chip (RFID chip, Radio Frequency ID Chip) to track where you are as well as what you buy, etc... The implement of Biometric Info such as retina scans and DNA info. Big Brother not only watching but recording into a database who you are, what you do, etc...

Freedom is slipping away. The irony is that President Bush, in Russia earlier this week, is displeased with Russian PM Vladimir Putin's view of democracy. The truth is that what we are doing here in the US is regressing to the Police State that the former Soviet Union had, before the end of the Cold War. The Patriot Act, the FCC's need to take away our right to choose, and now a National ID card that tracks who we are and what we are doing. We are heading towards National TV, Abolishment of the First Amendment, and our governments ability to have full control over what we do and where we go. I can see the states cracking down on licensing practices, but the government imposing their way or the highway for states to comply to this somewhat communist system, I don't think so. If this bill is enacted into law the terrorist have won. We have raised the white flag on our liberty and turned over our rights. The very rights that define the US as who we are and what we stand for. We have done to ourselves what Al-Qaeda could never do without our help, change our definitions of Freedom and Liberty. Our way of life has changed from a Democracy to a Republic and that is the fault of the fear driven Republican right wing. Eventually, they will cross the line further and I can only hope the people take back what is rightfully theirs, their Freedom.

Here are links to related coverage:
Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner (R) Wisconsin, introduced the bill. The bill can be found here, all you have to do is enter HR 418 at the search box. This is what the Honorable Ron Paul of Texas said in front of the House of Representatives on February 9th,2005. Here is what Larry Abramson at NPR's take on the Real ID Act is. Cybernews Service covered the story extensive breakdown of HR 418, including the co-sponsors of the bill(5 from NC), the money trail, and who voted for or against it.

More to come... stay turned and stay free.
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