Sunday, March 20, 2005


Yesterday, the Greensboro Teach-in was held. This was an event aimed to help elected officials, who want to learn new tools , learn to blog. Roch Smith and Sue Polinsky ran the show, and did a wonderful job. I feel that the event went over very well. The participants have asked for more, and Sue says we will oblige. I wanted to thank everyone involved, both mentors and mentees. The mentors from yesterday were: Ed Cone, Jerry McClough, Chewie, David Hoggard, myself, The Shu, and John Mark Brown. The mentees from yesterday were: Tom Phillips, Diane Davis, Sandy Carmany, Mary Johnson, Rep. Pricey Harrison, Bert Jones, and Dr Claude Barnes (NCA&T). We also had help from Juan Vasquez, who showed up in case we needed more mentors, and we put him to good use. A big thank you to Mark Hagenbuch, director at the Nussbaum Center, for use of the computer lab, and Ben Hwang for helping set this up.

I had the honor of mentoring NC House Representative Pricey Harrison. I all a firm believer in Pricey and what she is doing down in Raleigh. I think her blog will prove to be an invaluable tool in her legislative efforts and conecting with her constituants.

I'll post a pic later. You can check out all the pictures(via link) and Sue's live blog of the teach-in here .
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