Friday, April 01, 2005

A Few Good Things Come of the Schiavo Fiasco

Any way you cut it, the Terry Schiavo fiasco is a very sad series of events. I feel like a few good things can and have come out of this. Terry can finally rest, peacefully. The living will issue will be addressed in many households. The Republican party stuck their big right-wing feet in their mouths, and the Democrats came out looking almost golden.

The largest of this tidal wave of goodness, is Terry finally resting peacefully. I watched South Park on Wed. night and they addressed another side of the issue that hasn't been addressed. What if Terry's wishes, if she was in a vegetative state, was not to be paraded around on national TV like a circus side show. I never met Terry. I know her as well as everyone else in the country does. I think if she could speak, she would let us all know how embarrassed she is of the people in this country, the media, the government and especially her family.

The second largest wave of goodness, is the Republican fallout and the Democratic strategy throughout this whole ordeal. The way I see it, the Republican's saw a way to satisfy the religious right and pro-lifers. Not a single Republican Congressman gives two craps about anyone's health. If they did we would all have health care insurance, cheaper drugs, and some sort of just environmental policy. They actually incited Anti-Death Penalty activists. Even better, their base, the religious right wasn't all that happy with the events that unfolded. The fallout is just beginning. Tom DeLay, the most unethical bastard in Congress, is looking foolish after this. Read more about his ethical woes here. The President's approval rating is flushing down the shitter, the lowest levels of his painful tenure. (Insert ear to ear grin here) The bill he signed in Texas as governor, stood for the exact opposite of what he was spewing during Schiavo's court battle. Whose the flip-flopper now W?

The Democrat's on the other hand voted to help the Republicans, for the most part. Then they stood back and watched the parade. In the end, they did everything right, as far as I can see. They acted instead of reacted. Silence is golden. Is this the new leadership of Howard Dean? I think it is. This is the new Democratic party. I would chalk this up as a political victory for the Democrats. More to come, hopefully.
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