Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Case You Ever Need A Muffler

This is a story on why you should go to Quality Muffler in Burlington. Just as money gets tight again(thanks to the endlessly increasing price of gasoline), we have a car problem that we just didn't need. My wife's car started making loud noises, losing some power, and shaking violently out of the blue, yesterday. My first thought was something with the exhaust system. I was right. Looking under the car, the exhaust pipe behind the resonator was severed in half and hanging. I called around and everybody said the same thing, "I need to see it, before I can tell you how much it cost." I took it in this morning to Midas on Battleground, here in Greensboro. They looked at it and quoted me $270 to replace the section with a prefab part and two gaskets. Under my current financial situation, $270 was out of the question.

Luckily for us, one of the girls at my wife's place of employment has a husband who is a mechanic. He recommended that I bring the car to Quality Mufflers in Burlington and tell them that he sent me. I called them first to see about how much and then proceeded to Burlington.

When I got there they took a look and proceed to fix the car. When I say fix, they didn't put any prefab part on, they custom built the part right in front of me. They took straight pipe and custom bent it, added a resonator and welded it all together. What I witnessed wasn't work it was craft. This is how they used to fix cars, before Midas and Meineke. It was very cool to throwback like this. The best part is it only cost $100. These guys at Quality handcrafted me a new part and fixed my problem for $170 cheaper then a prefab part and labor. I highly recommend Quality Mufflers in Burlington. They are located on Maple Ave(exit 145 off of I-40/85 eastbound) across from the Burger King. You can call ahead at 228-1928.

By the way, the car runs more silent then when I drove it off the lot in 1996, some 118,000 miles ago.
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