Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fundraiser Info

As many of you know, a friend David Hoggard and his family, is going through the trials and tribulations of breast cancer. David's wife Jinni has and is fighting this horrible disease. You can read about her experiences at David's blog, by clicking on "What's up with Jinni?". The Greensboro News and Record is also publishing Jinni's Journal in the paper as a recurring column.

One of the trials and tribulations is medical expenses. A bunch of friends are putting together a fundraiser to help with the Hoggard's medical expenses. Cancer is an expensive disease and it doesn't matter how good your health care is, they all have a cap. Once you reach that cap, the rest is on you. The fundraiser is going to be called "Hoggfest", and via Jinni's request, we will have this event yearly for someone different, Jinni being the first. The way this fundraiser is being set up, no one person is going to be in charge. The event will take volunteers to head up different aspects of the fundraiser. All the information is in the forums at Greensboro101. You can help with ideas, donations at David's site, donations for the event(time or resources), and most of all by attending. The dates we are discussing are May 22nd and May 29th. The purposed site is the Flatiron. Any help will be accepted. We still need a lot. Bands. We need bands that would be willing to donate their time.

David and Jinni are great people, who do good for others. Trust me, I know this first hand. They didn't ask for help, this great Greensboro blogging community offered it.

The Hoggard's aren't the only people locally who need help. Tara Sue Grubb is going through a legal battle to get her child back. You can read all the case facts at her site and act accordingly. I have not weighed in too much on this, but I urge you to go read the facts presented, see if you are interested in helping and help if you can.

There is so much love in this community and I would like to keep it that way. We can all help each other through tough times. That is what a community is all about. I wish the best for all in need and vow to help anyway I can.
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