Tuesday, May 17, 2005

All I Want For My Birthday

All I want for my birthday is a free media, which I am obviously not getting at this moment. British Parliament member George Galloway is testifying in front of Norm Coleman's(R-Minn.) Senate sub-committee on the oil for food scandal. CNN and Fox covered the opening statements live. All the sudden, after Galloway started ripping the Republicans on the committee, CNN had Wolf Blitzer talk over Galloway's testimony, and whatever Fox mouthpiece was on did the same. I got it, I'll go to C-SPAN's Senate channel. They are covering the vote on the Allen Amendment for the Highway Bill. What!! No live coverage of the full testimony? Where's the coverage? An opposing view of our government is not a bad thing. Yes, it makes them look bad, but for things they should look bad for. I am sad this birthday, for my birthday wish was not granted and our free media is dying along with our constitution.
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