Friday, May 06, 2005

Update on National ID(Real ID Act)

There has been some vicious arguments on the Senate floor in regards to the house approved Real ID Act(HR418). For those who don't know how I feel you can read my thoughts here. There is a pretty good comment stream as well. The bill has been incorporated into the Supplemental Appropriations Bill(which covers Tsunami relief and military funding). There is an argument over this being a separate issue(immigration) and the need to debate this highly controversial bill. You can read all the debate at Library of Congress Thomas Legislation site, starting with this argument. And you can continue the argument with these links, linky, links. Some of these pages overlap, and some of these pages do not contain just Real ID Act arguments. It is an interesting discussion. I hope it is removed from the supplemental appropriations bill and is put on the floor for debate. Otherwise the Republican's have slipped this legislation into a must pass bill, with no debate and little objection.

This is what pisses me off about the way our government works(or fails to). Why can't we have bills about one topic, without attachments? I understand that legislation is give and take between our mostly two party system, but why can't a bill just pass or fail based on the sole legislation it is based on? Why must we buy pork on the defense budget. I doubt that is all the soldiers are eating. I urge everyone to write your congressmen and representatives opposing this bill, it is pure evil, and has little to do with immigration. I do agree it addresses immigration, but it does at the expense of your liberties and freedoms.
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