Monday, May 09, 2005

Evolution vs. Creationism

There is debate in Kansas over what is to be taught in schools, Evolution or Creationism. has a great round up here. My thoughts are that they are both theories. Neither completely proven. Why not teach both? After all our kids are under educated compared to the rest of the world. Our educational system has been in decline for a while. We should teach our kids how to see two sides to every story. Instead, we show our kids what they should be brainwashed into believing is the truth, to make our country seem proper and humane. I was never taught about the Japanese camps set up during WWII. I learned later. As ugly a past, and present, that our country has, we should be good role models and teach our children about the truth. Kansas is a shining example that most of us don't care what our kids learn, as long as they uphold our religious morals.
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