Monday, May 30, 2005

Hoggfest-Greensboro's Shining Community

Yesterday was the long anticipated Hoggfest. For those that didn't know about it, Hoggfest was a fundraiser and charity event for Jinni Hoggard. Jinni has been struggling with breast cancer. She has, through all of this, walked tall and shared her experience with the community via her column in the News and Record, Jinni's Journal(What's up with Jinni?). Jinni writing a public journal in itself is such a selfless act of courage. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to go through what she has, all while raising three great kids and dealing with David(Oh, I'll just make it four kids).

What I witnessed yesterday at Hoggfest, was a great outpouring of love and care for a family of such wonderful people, it almost put tears in my eyes. What happened yesterday was the very definition of community. So many people, who did and didn't know the Hoggards, came out to volunteer, donate, participate, and play some really good music. All of this for a family, in my personal experience, that gives themselves to the community whenever possible. The community gave itself back yesterday, an outpouring of love and unity I haven't witnessed since the days I spent in NY right after 9/11.

In disclosure, I did help in some of the planning and volunteering for yesterdays event. I would like to thank everyone that helped to plan and who donated and participated yesterday. You should all walk with a swagger today that says I am a good person, who helps good people, and you should feel good about what occurred at yesterdays event. A personal note of thanks goes out to Adam at Jagermusic, who donated a lot of merch to the event for raffles and auction. One of the items was a Custom Jager Skateboard. They only make 200 of these a year and you can't buy them anywhere. Also, I would like to thank my folks at Scully Travel for donating three cool vacation getaways. These were hot items.

If you didn't get out yesterday, you missed a truly wonderful event. David has all the round ups over at his site HoggsBlog. The plan is to have this event yearly, for someone different in the community that needs some help. That idea was from none other then the Hoggards. Much love to the Hoggards. You are some very special people. All of this from a city that I wanted to leave a little over a year ago, to move back to NYC. Now you couldn't pay me to leave. Well, it depends on how much, but you get my point.
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