Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Baton Caught and Answered

I have been passed the musical baton from JW, so here it goes:

Total volume of music files on my computer: Not too much. Mostly stuff I have played on over the years. I haven't been into the downloading thing, being an ex-musician an all. I believe in buying CD's to support the artist. Downloading responsibly is OK too.

The last CD I bought was: A Perfect Circle- aMotion. That changes today as the new Audioslave comes out.

Song Playing Right Now: Silence. I usually listen to music in the car and when I am alone. Late night is not an option because my six year old would wake up, and that's a song I don't wanna hear this time of night.

Five Songs I Listen To A Lot Lately(In no particular order) :
1) Jane Says by Janes Addiction
2) So Watcha Want by The Beastie Boys
3) Hurt by Nine Inch Nails performed by Johnny Cash
4) John The Fisherman by Primus
5) Imagine by John Lennon performed by A Perfect Circle

I am adding a new category.
Ten Favorite Albums of All Time: (In no particular order)
1) Joe's Garage- Frank Zappa
2) Check Your Head- Beastie Boys
3) Reign In Blood- Slayer
4) Undertow- Tool
5) Nothing's Shocking- Janes Addiction
6) Frizzle Fry- Primus
7) Vulgar Display of Power- Pantera
8) Rage Against the Machine- Rage Against the Machine
9) The Downward Spiral- Nine Inch Nails
10) August and Everything After- Counting Crows

I hope this is everything that JW expected. I would however like to see JW headbang. I can't imagine.

Now to pass the baton to Patrick Eakes, Roch Smith Jr(you can post in the comments, since you don't have a blog), Ed Cone, Little Urbanity and Rusty Sheridan.
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