Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bye-Bye Starbucks

I went to the special grand opening for the Aycock Historic District residents of Coffee at the Summit tonight. Tomorrow is the official grand opening to the general public. I was greeted by very friendly service, an affordable menu, and primo food and drink. Coffee at the Summit will serve sandwiches, salads and desserts. All the sandwiches are named after neighborhood streets. The atmosphere is wonderful. There is a patio and garden area outside that is beautiful. Tomorrows opening is at 6am and they are opened until 8pm. The shop is located on Summit Ave, between Yancyville and Murrow Blvd, across from the Womens Resource Center.

Stan Montgomery is the owner and I spoke with him this evening. I will bring you more from Stan, likely tomorrow, as I will sit and interview him in detail on the new shop. Stan did tell me this evening that he plans to bring in local artwork and local music to the coffee shop. As a guy who drinks coffee on a too frequent basis, I tell you, you have to go try this shop. Wonderful job getting the shop ready and I look forward to drinking a lot of your coffee. Bye-Bye Starbucks, Hello Coffee at the Summit.
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