Friday, December 09, 2005

Tre Styles Visitation and Celebration Events

As I have been trying to cope with the tragic passing of my friend Tre, I have taken a few days off from writing about the events I attended for him. I will fill you in.

Two days ago I attended the visitation service at Forbis and Dick Funeral Home(Guilford Chapel). I can not even begin to count how many people were there. I did run into a bunch of friends who were also grieving this loss themselves. The cool thing, if there could be anything cool about this, was that people of all ages, races, styles of life gathered to remember a person who touched their lives in some way. Tre saw no color, Tre saw no suit or some goth, Tre saw other human beings, and that was evident at this visitation. The hardest thing for me this evening was meeting Tre's mom and dad. I could only get out that I was sorry for their loss. Thinking the whole time as a parent what it must feel like to be them. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to be in their shoes. Losing a son at 23 years old. My dad once said to me, "When a child dies before his parents, it is just unnatural. It is only right for a parent to die first." I still believe he is right.
Seeing Tre's bandmates and being around my own from the past was hard as well. When you are in a band you are in a family, and this Greensboro scene is a family. Seeing the head of that family cry was what threw me over the edge, Burley Hayes, owner of The Somewhere Else Tavern, he is this families papa. We all played our first show at Burley's place. He is the center of the music scene here in the Triad and has been for a very long time. Thank you Burley for what you do.

Speaking of Burley, he open the doors of the Somewhere Else Tavern last night(December 8th, also the anniversary of John Lennon's death and Dimebag Darrell just one year ago) for a celebration of Tre's life. Again there was a wonderful mix of human beings, no boundaries of color, race, or lifestyle. I sat and shared stories and drank a few beers, and cried a few tears. We listened to Tre's albums on the big PA system and remembered his brilliant talent that we all loved and he loved to share with us. Burley did not take any money at the door, he just wanted people to have a place to go and hang out and remember a wonderful human being.

I saw a long time friend cry for the first time yesterday. I wasn't sure he was able to shed tears, moments like this make us all human. I gave him a hug and consoled my friend, trying to keep it together myself. I think what makes us all a badass is the ability to cry and show emotions. Lack of this ability just shows you can not express yourself, and expressing yourself makes you a badass in it's own little way.

Next stop, Ziggy's on Saturday night. My old band The Five L's and a tribute show that Tre was originally supposed to play on. His crew will hold it down at 8:30 and there will be a special tribute song during the L's set. Be sure and show your love for Tre and attend this show.

After the Ziggy's show there will be a benefit show at The Blind Tiger, right here in Greensboro, on Tuesday night. The show starts at 8pm and goes til whenever. There will be nine bands on the bill and all the money from this show will go to the family of Tre Styles.

One more time, you will be missed but not forgotten Tre. Much luv my brother.
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