Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Real War On Christmas

Apparently the extreme portion of the Christian Right has their panties in a wad about the use of "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". I can see their point, Christmas' original use being the celebration of Christ's birth. But, I think they are really mad over the Hallmarkization of Christmas and not the change in slogans. It's really the fact that no one, except themselves, is celebrating the birth and instead celebrating the gifts and blinky lights. From this piece you can tell I am no Christian. I am glad that I don't have to hear the annoying bells of the Salvation Army in front of the retailers I choose to shop at for Festivus. Yes, I celebrate Festivus. Now, I celebrate Festivus in peace without all those bells going off in my head. I can take Tylenol off the list for shopping.

I am glad that the retailers have choosen a broader slogan that appeals to all religions and non-religious shoppers. Religion has only one place, in the beholders hearts. Not retailers, ad campaigns, and certainly not in government. I don't vote on what religion a candidate worships, I vote for who is going to do the best for the majority of the people in the broadest sense, without intruding on peoples personal liberties and freedoms. I don't shop where religion is advertised in name or slogan. I shop where I get the best deals.

I am glad this war is being fought. I say while we are fighting this war we include pre-emptive strikes on Easter, Valentines Day and any other Hallmark holiday that only boosts the retailers numbers and empties the pockets of consumers. I don't need any holiday to buy my family presents, just ask them. I buy for my family when I want, what I want and when I feel like doing something nice for those who love me.

So, to the Christian Right, name your real war, the loss of meaning behind what you believe and not the retailers changing a slogan. Why should others who believe different then you be forced to swallow your swords? Happy Holidays is a neutral slogan appealing to all, including the Christians. So whats your problem?
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